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STORY: INTERNATIONAL REACTIONSDATELINE: Aug. 23, 2011LENGTH: 0:03:41LOCATION: TripoliINTRO:Many countries believe the months-long conflict in Libya has come to a turning point as rebels claim victory is within reach.The situation in Libya has sent repercussions across the world. World News has more.PKGU.S. President Barack Obama on Tuesday delivered a speech from his vacation site in Martha's Vineyard, saying it's much clear the Gadhafi regime is coming to an end.SOUNDBITE (ENGLISH) BARACK OBAMA, US PRESIDENT:"The situation is still fluid and there remains uncertainty, and there is still regime who opposes threat. But this is much clear that Gadhafi regime is coming to an end and the future of Libya is in the hands of its people."Obama also said he just completed a call with his national security team about Libya, and the U.S. will be in close contact with NATO and the United Nations to address humanitarian needs in Libya.Meanwhile, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has called on Gaddaf Powered by Producer : Xinhua News Agency