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    Strong Hail and Rainstorm Hits Northeast China


    by NTDTelevision

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    And China has been seeing some severe as of late. A hailstorm hit Shenyang City in northeast China on Sunday evening, with one resident reporting hailstone as big as a rice bowl!

    A severe hailstorm pounded Shenyang City in northeast China on Sunday evening, followed by a heavy rainstorm.

    The hailstorm lasted about 30 minutes and caused extensive damage to homes and vehicles. One resident reported seeing huge hailstones.

    "I was having supper at the time. When I heard the noise I came outside, only to find my car badly damaged. I didn't dare to get any closer to check it until the hailstorm was over. The hail stones were as big as a rice bowl."

    The hailstorm was followed by several hours of rain.

    "I have to park my car under a bridge. And now the inside of my car is flooded."

    Traffic lights and street lamps lost power in Shenyang and more than 20 flights were delayed due to the storm.