Energy Transition - Positive Outlook for Germany's Natural Gas Power Stations

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Germany's energy transition is underway. Suppliers of renewable energies aren't the only ones who stand to benefit. The reform is set to be a money-spinner for gas power stations. Unlike solar and wind energy, natural gas-fueled facilities provide a constant power source. If the sun doesn't shine or the wind fails to blow, then natural gas power stations can step in to bridge the power gap.This flexibility combined with relatively low start-up costs makes them an attractive alternative. It's a growing market for Siemens. The company has already built a prototype factory for half a billion euros - and it's the most efficient natural gas power station that's been built yet. It uses a third less gas, reducing emissions of CO2. The new technology promises to be lucrative for Siemens, but is natural gas really a good energy alternative in the long term? It is a finite resource, and it has to be imported to Germany from abroad. MADE IN GERMANY's Grit Hofmann takes a look at the energy market
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