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    Beef Broth: How To Make It At Home


    by traditional-foods

    Beef broth is a nutritious and economical base for any soup. This is our basic broth method. For more discussion, visit our resource on beef broth.

    2 pounds of beef bones
    2 tablespoons of vinegar
    3 quarts of water
    Optional: one peeled onion, one carrot, two celery stalks, one garlic clove.

    1. Roast your raw beef bones for the best flavor. (30-45 minutes at 350 degrees.)
    2. Add bones to crock pot or stove-top pot.
    3. Add vegetables if you are using them.
    4. Cover the bones and vegetables with water until the beef bones are completely covered and the water level is about one inch above the bones.
    5. Add vinegar.
    6. Turn crock pot on low.
    7. Watch the broth in the first few hours and skim off any "scum" that may rise to the top.
    8. Stew your bones for about 24 hours.
    9. Pour off the beef broth and use it in your soup recipe. (Skim the fat first if desired.)