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    U.S. Calls for Release of Chinese Lawyer Gao Zhisheng


    by NTDTelevision

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    The United States has renewed calls for missing Chinese lawyer Gao Zhisheng. Vice President Joe Biden is currently visiting China, and is expected to bring up human rights problems with the Chinese regime.

    The United States is again calling on the Chinese regime to release the rights lawyer, Gao Zhisheng, as Vice President Joe Biden is in China for a visit.

    [Victoria Nuland, State Department Spokesperson]:
    "Well let me take this opportunity to again urge the Chinese government to ensure that Gao Zhisheng is immediately released from custody and to clarify the details surrounding his case and his whereabouts."

    Gao Zhisheng has been missing since April last year. He should've been released on August 14, after a five-year probationary sentence ended. But his family is still awaiting news on his whereabouts.

    [Geng He, Wife of Gao Zhisheng]:
    "His brother has also been calling State security officials in Beijing. They'd pick up sometimes, but would tell his Gao has gone missing on his own. These cover-up excuses have been infuriating."

    U.S. State Department spokeswoman Victoria Nuland says Vice President Joe Biden will raise human rights concerns with the Chinese regime during his visit, although it's not clear if Gao's case would be brought up.

    [Victoria Nuland, State Department Spokesperson]:
    "Vice President Biden will raise our concerns about the human rights situation throughout China on this visit as we consistently do. We've repeatedly raised our concerns about Gao's whereabouts and his wellbeing with the Chinese government. And we've expressed deep concern about reports that he may have been tortured by security officials."

    He became a target of the Chinese regime after he openly called for an end to persecution of the Falun Gong spiritual practice.