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    Wenzhou 'Miracle Girl' Avoids Leg Amputation


    by NTDTelevision

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    In the aftermath of the Wenzhou train crash that left at least 40 people dead last month, a two-year-old girl was miraculously rescued... having spent nearly a day trapped in debris. Although she made it out, other members of her family weren't so lucky.

    Two-year-old 'Miracle Girl' Yi-Yi is the last survivor of the bullet train crash that happened in Wenzho, China on July 23rd. After her fifth surgery on Monday, she's now able to avoid leg amputation.

    Little Yi-Yi, as she's been nicknamed by Chinese press, was trapped for 22 hours and was found nearly 12 hours after most rescue operations had ended. Unfortunately, both of her parents also died in the crash.

    Her uncle says she has endured five surgeries now to remove dead tissue. At one point, she faced possible amputation, but the hospital ruled it out after the second surgery. Hardly any muscle tissue is left in her legs and it remains to be seen whether she will be able to walk in the future.

    Her uncle recently posted an open letter online, asking for the Ministry of Railways to "save both of Yi-yi's legs...Please don't let her lose her freedom [to walk normally]."

    Although Yi-Yi is called a "miracle" rescue by the Ministry of Railways spokesperson Wang Yongping, the general public and media have criticized the carelessness of the rescue efforts.