Giant Pacific Octopus - Birch Aquarium

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Birch Aquarium - Giant Pacific Octopus - as part of the expert series by GeoBeats. Our Giant Pacific Octupus is another favorite among aquarium visitors. The Giant Pacific Octupus that we currently have is a female. She is about two years old. Giant Pacific Octupuses do not last very long. They only have about a four-year life cycle, and that is because they- after they give birth, they basically give everything of themselves to making sure that their babies surive. And then after that, they are no longer needed. And, so they usually do not survive that long, but they are incredible animals. They can camouflage really quickly. They have no bones, so they are able to hide into these little, tiny crevices in the ocean, and that allows them to surprise prey and capture them very quickly in the deep ocean. These animals live in the Northwest coast of the United States in colder water, and so at the aquarium, we showcase animals all the way up from the cold areas of the Pacific down to the warm areas. So, we actually have to chill the water a little bit for this animal. Octupses are highly intelligent. They have been known to do tricks and to play games. They recognize our aquarists, and they are one of the most beloved animals that we have here.