Common Career Mistakes by Women

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Common Career Mistakes by Women - as part of the expert series by GeoBeats. I am Cassandra Johnson with Destined To Be Great: A Greater You By Design. The first mistake that women make in their career is: they are chasing the title and chasing the money. One of the things I have learned over the course of my career, and in talking with other career women, is that when you chase a title and chase the money, most of the time you not as fulfilled as you could be. When you are doing what you love, because really the definition of a career - it is something that you really enjoy doing - then when you are doing what you love you will naturally get the title, the money and all the things that come along with that. That is really step number one as far as mistakes that women make. Number two is really coming on a little bit too strong. A lot of women feel that they want to move up the corporate ladder. They want to establish that career but they come on so strong as if they almost have to be a little bit male, but they are still very female in their career. Bring yourself to the table. Bring your best self to the table and be who you are. It is OK to be a powerful woman without coming on too strong. Also when women are building their careers one of the mistakes I have also found women making is that they change companies a little bit too frequently. You do not get what you want at that particular company and you immediately change. Be strategic in your decision to move to a different company and see how it aligns with your particular career. Make sure you are very methodical in that so that it supports what you trying to do to get to where you want to go. It is important to have great relationships in your career and also have people who are advocates for your advancement. But, again, never depend on too much on others to manage your career. You manage your career and you have a lot more control than you actually realize when it actually comes to career advancement. You build your own brand. You build your own personal development platform so that you are always bringing your best self to the table. The last mistake that women make a managing their careers is that they do not set boundaries. We go into superwoman mode and feel like we have to work all hours of the day. A lot of women have trouble with balance as a result of that because they are working so hard feeling that they have to in order to work up the ladder. It is OK to set boundaries. Make time for your family. Do the things you want to do. Still work hard but work smarter versus harder.