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    Part-Time Business While Working Full-Time

    Geo Beats

    by Geo Beats

    Part-Time Business While Working Full-Time - as part of the expert series by GeoBeats. You want to start a part-time business. First of all everybody out there, a lot of people out there, are starting part-time businesses. So the first thing is you need to be really really clear on why you want to start a part-time business and it has to be something so much greater than money. You have to identify your "why". It is that thing that's going to make you stay with that business even if it is not making any money. It has to be something that you love. So make sure you are very clear on why you want to start a part-time business. It cannot just be for the money. The other thing with a part-time business, again this goes back to aligning with your core values, your purpose. It really has to be something that gives you energy. It really has to be something that you connect to because that is the thing that is going to give you that stick-to-it-iveness yo that business, which is absolutely critical. If this is your first part-time business, consider doing an network marketing business. Some people may a little turned off by network marketing but the great thing is that network marketing, "networking" is something that we do all the time. It is nothing more than sharing something that you are passionate about with others and earning an income. It happens to be the fastest growing industry out there producing millionaires. So this is a great way for you to start a part-time business with very little investment. You already have already-built system that you can plug into and all the resources that you need to build your business. So that certainly makes it easier for you to start your own business. Treat your business like a business. Just because it is part time does not mean you have to treat it part time. It is not a hobby. It should never be a hobby. Just as you have to clock in for work or on your job or career sometimes, if you have to be in the office at eight o'clock, you are at the office at eight o'clock. Well guess what? Treat your business the same way even if it is just part time. If you have got hours, set office hours for yourself, even if it is an hour or two, decide how many hours you want to put into your business and stick to your office hours so that you can build your business. That way you are able to very easily manage it with your full-time career.