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    Pitfalls When Transitioning Careers

    Geo Beats

    by Geo Beats

    Pitfalls When Transitioning Careers - as part of the expert series by GeoBeats. If you are transitioning careers, the first thing that you need to do, and it is very basic, is make sure that you are very clear on the skills that are required for that new career that you want to pursue. I know it sounds very basic. But you want to make sure that you leverage the skills that you had from your previous career to now move into a new career, that is the first thing. The second thing, leverage social media. Some of you may be a little afraid of social media. But tools like LinkedIn, extremely extremely powerful. Powerful way to connect with others that may be in your field. Because let me tell you, the traditional resume process, there are so many people looking for jobs right now. The traditional resume process does not work as effectively as it used to. So you have got to do something different. You have got to network. You have got to be on tools like LinkedIn. And use that to leverage groups that are on there that fit with the career that you want to do. There is even a whole job seekers network on there that you can utilize, really fully utilize that. And the third thing is read the job description, but do not read too much into the job description for that new career that you want to move into. Just because some of the things that you think the buzzwords are not written in that job description. Have enough confidence in yourself that if it has got a lot of the basics covered but you want to create something a little different, or bring a different element to that. Apply for that particular career. Do not let that job description stop you. And read that job description fully, because you would be surprised, a lot of people miss a lot of the details, and misread what those details mean.