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    Tips on Storing Spices

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    by Geo Beats

    Tips on Storing Spices - as part of the expert series by GeoBeats. Hi, I am Madea Allen from Organic Soul Chef. And what I want to talk to you about is the best way to store your spices and when to know to just throw them out. OK! So, spices, they are very delicate because they have flavor in the oil. So, you always want to think about how to maximize the flavor in those oils. So, you want to think about air and preventing air from getting to the oils to make them go rancid. So the best way and what we have all seen is the spices stored in the glass jars with air tight lids. That is best. So, I actually get spices from a great co-op where they tore spices in the plastic bags. And a lot of people do get them like this. This is OK, but just know that you are going to have more rancidity. Quicker than you would in a glass jar. So, a zip lock would actually be more proficient than a twistee tie on your plastic bag and storing the spices. Because again, it is all about the air getting into the spices. So, I grind spices at home, so I just have a lot of empty jars like this on hand. And just know that spices and herbs, they tend to go rancid at different rates. So, your herbs, they are more delicate. They will go rancid quicker. Spices, they tend to uphold their integrity a little bit more so they have a longer shelf life. So, you basically know they are not as potent any more. When they just do not taste as good as they did on the first day. You will know like for Curry, you will not get like that POW, like that blast of flavor that you usually get from the first day versus like the thirtieth day. So, in general, if I am grinding my spices fresh, I am going to have enough for about three to four days and after that I just know flavor is not going to be that great. I would not exactly throw them away after three days, but when I am cooking I want to have maximum flavor. So, that is the best way to store your spices.