Reservoir Dries Up in Yunnan Province, China


by NTDTelevision

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Tens of thousands of residents in China's southwest province of Yunnan rely on the Fengshou Reservoir for their water needs. But it has been drying up to dangerously low levels, leading people to travel great distances to fetch a pale.

Yanshan County in southwest China's Yunnan Province is suffering from a severe drought. Fengshou Reservoir, the largest one in the county, with a water storage capacity of 1.2 billion cubic feet, has dried up.

Yanshan County was hit by severe drought in 2010.

The Fengshou Reservoir is the major water supplier for 35,000 residents and some 16 square miles of farmlands around it.

With the reservoir dried up, villagers living nearby have to carry water home from a long distance away every day.

Of the 81,860 residents in Pingyuan Town, 66,000 are facing a water shortage. Thirteen thousand livestock are affected, as well.

People in Yanshan County mainly rely on rainwater, as there is no river in the county. However, this year's precipitation in Yanshan County up to now is only 18 inches, down an inch from the driest period in 2010.

With no effective rainfall for two months, 60 square miles of farmland in Yanshan County have been affected, with more than 10 square miles farmland seeing no yield.