Dance Moms_"Dying to Dance" s01-e06

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Season 1, Episode 6 – ” Dying to Dance”
Christi must decide between visiting her grandmother in the hospital or attending a big dance competition.


By shrillpocket31ZHf0 2 weeks ago
It's amazing how Christi is so sure that Chloe HAS NO CHANCE of winning against Maddie, I mean... What is the fun in winning if you're not competing against the best? And I'm sorry but Maddie is the best, it's not the case where Chloe is being set up, she lacks in talent and technique.
By LenaSPS 2 weeks ago
Cathy says the other moms look old but gee she looks older
By Aastha 2 weeks ago
You know I definitely hate Cathy. She's always commenting on all the other moms and she's completely selfish. It's a terrible insult to suggest botox to the other moms and just bluntly point out their wrinkles when she apparently needs 3 botox jobs in my opinion. I think that Cathy needs to take her daughter Vivi-Anne out of Abby Lee's Dance Center and go back to her own dance studio in Ohio where she could be teaching her daughter choreography there instead of idiotically bringing her to another dance studio that takes a big portion of cash. Cathy also needs to mind her own business when it comes to the other moms. I also don't think she's necessarily "nice", she's more of a selfish and inconsiderate bitch. I really hope she leaves Dance Moms.
By Nicholaswhite55 April
The dog was so cute! Oh I just love animals.
By Nicholaswhite55 April
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