India and Pakistan's Cricket Fights & Sledging

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The Indian and Pakistani cricket teams have been long-time rivals and their rivalry is considered one of the most intense sports rivalries in the world. 


haha...indians u don not know how is beta and how is baap? Pak is your Bap because 14 aug is our date of birth and 15 is your so we are your Pio...
dear indians.. just look at the map, you all will know who is on top.. you are under us and will remain under us.. actually the world map will tell you we are meant to fuck you from the top..!!! sala ajeeb bap hai jo 15 august ko paida hua or beta 14 august ko.. salay haram zado,date of independence hi yad rakho to pata chal jaye ga k baap pehlay paida hua or beta baad may...!!! lolxx
By Ae Khurasani September
ohh you shut up india...u r sons and pakistanis r fathers
By Ammy Prince Last year
Lol India u sometime PlX face afridi :*
By Faizan Khan Last year
LOL to indian Media.. LOL,, and another BIG LOL..
By Hamid Khan Last year
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