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WEEKEND trailer#2 HD
Copyright © 2011 Sundance Selects
In theaters: September 23rd, 2011

του Άντριου Χέιγκ
με τους Τομ Κάλεν, Κρις Νιου

Μετά από ένα άγριο μεθύσι στο πάρτι του σπιτιού με τους στρέιτ συντρόφους του, ο Russell βγαίνει να ξεσκάσει σ' ένα γκέι κλαμπ. Λίγο πριν το κλείσιμο παίρνει τον Glen αλλά αυτό που αναμένεται σαν ένα one-night stand καταλήγει σε κάτι πιο ιδιαίτερο.

Winner of Audience Awards at both SXSW and Outfest 2011 and the opening night selection of Brooklyn's acclaimed BAMcinemafest, WEEKEND is a startlingly authentic love story, featuring the talents of two incredible new actors and the unique work of a fresh new voice in filmmaking, Andrew Haigh. After meeting one lonely Friday night at a bar, Russell (Tom Cullen) and Glen (Chris New) find themselves caught up in an lost weekend full of sex, drugs, and intimate conversation. Although they have conflicting ideas of what it is they want from life and certainly how to get it, they form a startling emotional connection that will resonate throughout their lives.

Genre: Drama
Official Site: http://www.weekend-film.com
Director: Andrew Haigh
Cast: Tom Cullen, Chris New
Run Time: 97 minutes

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