Advertising Console Launches Pro, "The Universal Video ...

    Larry Kless

    by Larry Kless

    One of the biggest pain points for video publishers is how to deliver video to every user on any browser or mobile device. As the fractured video landscape continues to grow in complexity and scale with no standard across platforms, San Francisco-based cloud encoding start-up, has built its business creating innovative solutions to help ease that pain. One such product is, which released earlier this year as a beta version and now months later, after a successful launch and overwhelming market response, has been released as a Pro version primarily targeting the tens of thousands of media brands, agencies, and application developers. is both a clever and unique service that allows publishers to upload videos and get back a universal video url that will play your video everywhere, on any desktop browser or mobile device. When the video is uploaded to, it converts it into a variety of different formats and bit rates and once the video is transcoded, provides a short url and embed code for publishing. The beauty of is that publishers don't have to worry about the pain of video encoding, transcoding, file formats, display resolutions or any of the headaches involved in preparing, storing and delivering video online or to mobile devices. takes care of it all and when viewers click on the url, detects the device or browser type and delivers the correctly formatted and optimized video.

    According to's President Jeff Malkin, takes on the heavy lifting that is usually done by online video platforms (OVPs) by delivering important and basic functionality (transcoding, storage and delivery through partners) along with device and browser detection, all wrapped up in a single url, and he says, "The feedback we're getting is how simple it is, that's what's resonating."