Kitchen Tips: Reviving Frozen Bread

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Kitchen Tips: Reviving Frozen Bread - as part of the expert series by GeoBeats. Sometimes you will go to the grocery store and they will sell two packages of sandwich bread for instance, in one package. Well, you put one packet out on the counter and use it, but you want to freeze the other one. The problem with freezing bread is, if you do not have it sealed tightly, It is going to lose its moisture and it is going to go stale. And when you take it out of the freezer, it is not going to taste as great as you remember. So, here is a tip that you should do when you are freezing bread. I bought a bunch of little bagels recently, I kept them in their original package, and I pushed out all the excess air. But naturally, moisture is going to come out of these bagels when they are in the freezer. So what you want to do is, you want to take this bag out of the freezer and you want it to de-frost completely in that bag. If you do it that way, all the moisture that escaped the bagels will get re-absorbed back into these bagels, so when you open this bag up they will be moist, tender and soft like they were when you bought them. If you do not do it that way and if I just quickly opened this bag of bagels and wanted to use one of them, they would be very dry and stale. And you would not be happy with the bagels. So, it is important with bread especially, because bread does have a lot of moisture in it, when you put it into the freezer, you seal it well and you let it de-frost slowly on your counter-top or overnight. And that is how you will wind up with the bagels right from the bagel shop.