Chinese Couple Dedicates their Lives to Help the Elderly

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And now, a touching story from eastern China. It's a story of one couple's undying wish to help others in need, and the town that came to their rescue... in their time of need.

In Yupeng, a small mountain village in China's eastern Fujian Province, a remarkable story is taking place. Huang Xiaoqing and her husband Chen Chengwen made a vow 20 years ago to help those who had nowhere to turn—elderly men and women without families or income to survive on.

[Jin Shaode, Elderly Tenant]:
"They have taken good care of us old people who even didn't know each other before, and our food, clothing and housing are all free. They even take care of our sickness and death. Where could we find a place better than this!"

Two years ago the couple made plans to build a new and larger house for the elderly. They cared for 17 elderly without any outside support. But tragedy struck in June, when the husband was killed in a car accident while he was out buying construction material for repairing the home.

Widowed, with little money, Huang found herself in dire straights.

[Huang Xiaoqing, Widow of Chen Chengwen]:
"I have taken care of those old people for about ten to twenty years and we treat each other like family members. I can't give up our pledge to take care of them for sure."

But just when things were looking bleak, the entire village of Yupeng came to their rescue. Now the whole town is helping Huang raise money, volunteering at the home, and even doing construction. With everyone working together, Huang's home for the elderly will be finished by the end of the month.