China Opens Healthcare Sector to Foreign Investment

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With just over 1.3 billion people, providing hospitals for everyone is no simple challenge. But now China's healthcare system has been opened up for foreign investment... especially at private hostpitals where health care comes at a premium.

China has just opened its urban hospitals and healthcare system to foreign investment. Many see opportunities in this plan for wider medical reform, but challenges still remain.

More and more of China's wealthy are willing to pay more money for a better hospital experience, including private rooms, better facilities and more attention from their doctors.

Development in the urban and private sector hospitals is expected to grow.

[Yang Chang, Executive Director, China Healthcare Growth]:
"Healthcare reforms in China will represent one of the largest private equity opportunities anywhere because there are 13,000 hospitals in China and all of them will need development capital of some sort."

Luxury or at least better hospitals are available for those who can afford them, like this one in Beijing.

Founder Roberta Lipson says more people are flocking to her hospital, which originally catered to expats.

[Roberta Lipson, CEO, Chindex]:
"Now, the Chinese community is finally realizing that just as they have a choice in other aspects of their life, they can have a choice in healthcare if they're willing to spend for it."

However, the average Chinese citizen still needs to deal with the overcrowded healthcare system.

Street peddler Yuen is here to get treatment for her two-year-old.

[Yuen, Beijing Resident]:
"Even getting here at 6am doesn't mean you can always see a doctor."

With the crowded urban hospitals, and truly overwhelmed rural hospitals, the time is ripe to allow foreign investment help development.