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    Ghost adventures

    Zeke Thomas

    by Zeke Thomas

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    Title: Ghost Adventures - STF Public Access 1.32

    Description: Zeke and Tyler from the Stranger than Fiction Show use this week's video to give you highlights from this week's show, but also address reports of paranormal activity at a haunted LA theater. Will they encounter a spirit? Will their heroic camera operator Courtney pick up supernatural artifacts? Will they over play overplay a one note joke?

    Something tells me the answer is fairly obvious. And bearded. And freed the slaves.

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    The Kardashian's Home videos:
    Abe Lincoln:

    The Cast:
    Director - Zeke Thomas (Self)
    Producer - Tyler Jolley (Self)
    Producer - Dallas James
    Producer - Chad Winkles
    Actor - Karen Brundage
    Actor - Dorian Lipman
    Actor -Sara Berger
    Actor - Courtney Renee Fridley (Camera Op)

    Tags: supernatural, paranormal activity, paranormal, EVP, EMF, ghost, nightvision, abe lincoln, aparition, ghost hunter, ghost adventures, travel channel, zak bagans, Dallas James, Sara Berger, Zeke Thomas, Tyler Jolley, Courtney renee Fridley, LA Connection, UCB, IO, Second City, Groundlings, the groundlings, improv, sketch, re-cap, sketch comedy, public access shows, The Stranger than Fiction Show, Stranger than Fiction, stfshow, the stf show, live show re-caps, low fi video, the state, whitest kids u know