Freur Du Lac, Cologne - Daniel Ilabaca Parkour Tour


by Catsnake


Something a bit more chilled this time. We were shown this great climbing wall by Phillip Raasch from ParkourONE. The locals traceurs call it 'Freur Du Lac' and we found it a really cool place to unwind and think about how much we'd done already on the tour.

It took 3 weeks, we drove over 4,000 miles and visited 8 countries but we did it! Daniel Ilabaca travelled across Europe to meet Parkour and Freerunning communities in London, Amsterdam, Cologne, Copenhagen, Vienna, Milan, Barcelona and Paris.

In each city we met and trained with the locals, did a bit of filming and then ended the day with a massive jam.

We filmed every step of the journey and over the next few months we'll be showing you what happened.

And all this happened because the nice people behind 'Brink' supported us. Check out Brink at

-- Credits --
Produced and directed by Stephen Follows (
Camera by James Barber & Scott Bass
Edited by David Milkins
The tour was created and filmed by Catsnake (

--- Music ---
"El Triste" by Kurtis SP