"Mysterious India" Exhibition Opens its Doors in Kiyv

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An exhibition dedicated to the culture of India opens its doors in Kyiv, Ukraine. Our correspondent dropped in to learn about Indian traditions to bring us this report.

An exhibition titled "Mysterious India" opens in Kyiv. Here, an ancient culture is introduced through painting, sculpture, and manuscripts.

These scriptures were printed in the 16th. century.

[Vitaly Tsvetkov, Curator]:
"They were made on palm leaves. They took a sheet, marinated and sliced it - then, when it was dry, they carved letters on it with special feathers".

In this painting from Rajasthan, as well as the central composition, there are a lot of illustrations of mythological subjects in the picture."

The combination of colors is still a secret today.

And what is India without dance! Like other girls, many years ago Olga watched Indian films with bated breath.

Now she dances and teaches others Indian dance.

She says almost all the songs girls are singing are about love for a man, love for life and love for oneself, of course.

[Olga Kalmakova, Artistic Director, School of Indian Dance]:
"If you take any song or dance, you'll find in the text a description of the jewelry a girl is wearing. 'How beautiful I am, I put on these bracelets.'"

At the exhibition Olga teaches how to properly wear a sari - the seamless garment.

[Anna Varavva, NTD Reporter]:
"This splendid sari is designed for brides. It differs from an ordinary one with embroidery and color. All shades of red symbolize joy in India".

Another ornament of Indian women - drawings on the body, called mindy - can remain on the skin for about two weeks.

[Vani, Hindu]:
"We paint with henna. In the Indian culture a woman is decorated so that she can protect a house as the second of the family."