It's called JIEITAI(=自衛隊)!! [Japan Self-Defense Forces]94M

susumu masuda

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"the Great East Japan Earthquake" that occurred on March 11, 2011.
In this video you can see him working in the affected areas of the SDF.
I made this video for them to look for people in the world.

Japan's SDF is the most important organization in human life.
And when you have a weapon to fight.

Using music

Ultra man(2005)
Composer: Matsumoto Takahiro
Playing: with Takahiro Matsumoto, the Tokyo Metropolitan Symphony Orchestra

Ultra seven(1967)
Arranger Composer: Toru Fuyuki
Conductor: Toru Fuyuki
Playing: Tokyo Symphony Orchestra
Special Vocal: Keizo Nakanishi

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