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    Four-Year-Old Rescued from 30 Foot Well


    by NTDTelevision

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    Monday night, a four year old slipped and found himself at the bottom of a narrow, ten meter deep well. Getting him out was no easy feat. Let's take a look.

    In Guizhou Province, a four-year-old boy fell down a 30 foot well on Monday night. Thankfully, he was successfully rescued by local firefighters.

    Sludge and sewage made breathing difficult for the boy, whose face was said to be covered in blood from the fall.

    Upon hearing about the situation, firefighters immediately rushed to the scene. The well was only around half a meter wide. A particularly small and flexible firefighter was lowered with a safety rope. He placed the rope and a helmet around the child, who was carefully lifted out.

    After nearly an hour, the boy was successfully rescued from the well and taken to the hospital. The boy is in stable condition.