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    Chinese Train Maker Recalls 54 High-speed Trains over Safety Concerns


    by NTDTelevision

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    China’s second largest train manufacturer—CNR Corp Limited—has recalled 54 bullet trains on the Beijing–Shanghai line for safety reasons.

    The recall smacks a fresh blow on the country’s rail system—three weeks after the Wenzhou crash killed at least 40 passengers.

    According to the Chinese regime’s State Administration of Work Safety Minister Luo Lin, who’s in charge of the fatal crash investigation, there were serious defects in the train design.

    Some passengers are undeterred by the safety concerns.

    [Liu Xiaolong, Bullet Train Passenger]:
    “Of course, I am a little worried, but it is still very convenient. It's not like taking a flight where you have to turn up a long time before it leaves, you can just go straight through. It's convenient.”

    Once the crowning glory of China’s technological prowess, now the bullet rail system has become a political embarrassment for the Chinese regime. It has triggered public anger and catcalls on the Weibo micro blogging site.

    One Weibo user wrote, "Wasn't this locomotive the most advanced type, and put into use only after many tests? So how come the problems were discovered after they were put into operation? What a miracle?"