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    Snow Snarls South African Traffic


    by NTDTelevision

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    Snow in South Africa - it's a rare sight for this time of year - and there was enough of it to cause traffic problems in the third largest city of Durban.

    An unusually chilly cold front caused snow to fall in parts of South Africa on Monday, bringing joy to some, but causing traffic problems.

    The main highway joining the provinces of Guateng and KwaZulu-Natal, called the N3, was shut down for parts of Monday morning, due to a thick white blanket.

    The part of the route that bore the brunt of the snow and rain was the Van Reenen's Pass - a mountainous road along the 250-kilometer stretch between Johannesburg and Durban.

    The road was reopened in the late afternoon.

    Residents of Mooiriver, near the Van Reenen's Pass, are used to the cold weather.

    Last year they experienced equally cold temperatures and even thicker snowfall.

    But the sight is still somewhat a novelty in a country where sub-zero daytime temperatures are rare.

    The Robinsons, whose garden was covered in snow, enjoyed a day of building snowmen, but also had to clear up damage caused by the bad weather.

    [Carl Robinson, Mooiriver Resident]:
    "In the garden, all the branches that are broken off the trees. I had to pick all those up. Gutters that were broken. Just a lot of extra stuff."

    His young daughter, Stacey saw things in a different light;

    [Stacey Robinson, Mooiriver Resident]:
    "I love the snow because I get to play around with my family and have snowball fights."

    The snowfall was substantially lighter in Johannesburg, but residents also enjoyed the rare sight.

    Many stopped their cars for a closer look and children enjoyed throwing snowballs at one another.

    The cold weather is expected to continue into Tuesday.