Advertising Console How Does This Program Work? by Richard Sherry


    by RichardSherry

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    Hi, this is Richard from You are here because you know you pay too much in income tax each year. You see those deductions on your paycheck every month and you know that it is a big chunk of the money you make. I am here to tell you that you do not have to pay all that tax at the end of the year. That you can get back all of that income tax, I can show you how it happens, how it works, why it works and why you should do it.

    A question I often get from clients is – “where does the magic occur? How does this thing work?”. Well, I have that same reaction too, because when you put in a hundred dollars into the program, you are going to get two hundred maybe even three hundred dollars back in tax credits. Where does that come from? I had that reaction too when I first got involved back in 2006.

    In a single word the reason is called arbitrage. That is a fancy word for buying cheaply and selling higher.