The Sugarcubes - Birthday (SNL 1988)


by RuneHede

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Filmed at Saturday Nigh Live, 15th October 1988

* Originally released on 'Life's Too Good' album (1988)


All of them nice fellas. Some talented in their own right.. as poets. Sugarcubes were great. Not everything is a war of egos. Sorry internet.
By Carey Yost October
He's clearly jealous of Bjork,
and trying to piss a territory on live tv.
Faggot and wimp if you ask me,
pff fkn horn players???
By skinny9283 October
Whatever the horn-player was saying, it's perfectly indistinct here! He's talking into a mic that was surely set-up for his horn, not for his voice. It's lost in the mists of time now, I daresay. I bet that the horn-player himself would not even be able to tell you what he was saying, unless he or somebody else who was there can clearly remember it?
By Tony Charles Last year
Can anyone understand what the horn player says at the end? I saw this live in '88 and STILL don't know....somebody should know in the 'everything's online age.'
By Felchbelcher 3 years ago
Bjork était bien jeune à cette époque
By Edgar de la Cambriole 4 years ago