Car Efficiency Tips: Safe Driving

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Staying out of car accidents is reason enough to adopt safe driving habits. But if you need another reason, how about saving gasoline? Monique O'Grady of the Alliance to Save Energy explains how a few safe driving techniques can cut down your car's energy use.

Speeding can decrease your gas mileage. Once your car passes 60 miles per hour, every five miles per hour cuts your mileage and adds an equivalent cost of about 24 cents per gallon. Other aggressive driving habits like rapid acceleration and abrupt braking also decrease your miles per gallon -- as much as 30 percent at highway speeds. That could mean paying as much as $900 a year extra for gasoline.

Aggressive driving around town can be expensive, too. O'Grady says it can decrease your mileage by about 5 percent, or a difference of about $90 a year in gasoline costs for the average driver.