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    Smack the Pony (1999) Season 1 Episode 1

    Vampira Maila Nurmi

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    Smack the Pony (1999)
    Season 1
    Episode 1
    Comedy sketch show
    Created by Doon Mackichan, Fiona Allen, Sally Phillips
    Starring: Doon Mackichan, Fiona Allen, Sally Phillips, Sarah Alexander, Darren Boyd
    Opening theme: "In the Middle of Nowhere" by Jackie Clune
    Country of origin: United Kingdom
    Smack the Pony is a British sketch comedy show that ran from 1999 until 2003 on Channel 4. Its title was intended to sound like a euphemism for female masturbation; the working title was Spot the Pony. The main performers and writers on the show were Fiona Allen, Doon Mackichan and Sally Phillips. There were also regular appearances from Sarah Alexander and Darren Boyd. The show's popular theme tune was Dusty Springfield's song In the Middle of Nowhere, sung by Jackie Clune. In Germany, the first transmission of the show aired on ProSieben, where the theme tune was changed to Texas' 2001 version of I Don't Want a Lover, and featured a different title sequence.
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