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    Insights from a Mom Raising a Child with Type 1 Diabetes


    by jgallisdorfer

    Jill Canfield, a single mother of two children and a trade association attorney, became concerned when her three-year-old daughter Cassie began to experience episodes of extreme thirst along with frequent trips to the bathroom. Shortly after these episodes began, Jill did some research online and then called Cassie’s pediatrician. On the advice of the pediatrician, Cassie went to the hospital where she was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. Over the same weekend that Cassie was diagnosed, Jill was learning how to test Cassie’s blood sugar level and how to monitor her diet. Their lives changed seemingly overnight.

    As a result of her child’s diagnosis, Jill added a few more roles to her already busy life – caregiver, volunteer and advocate. Jill sits down with Health Matters at Work® host Jerry Franz to discuss what that experience was like, as well as the day-to-day challenge of raising a child with diabetes.