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    Mother of African Orphans (UMTV)


    by UMCom

    More at At 71, Kay Oursler calls herself a caregiver. “I have been taking care of people all my life, children, my mother, and now a village in Tanzania.” She lives in Hot Springs Village, Arkansas two months out of the year and the rest of the time she lives in Tanzania, East Africa. After 46 years of marriage Kay and her husband separated and at age 65, she joined the Peace Corps and was sent to Tanzania. When she saw the number of children living on their own, mostly due to HIV/AIDS, she felt a calling to start an orphanage and in 2008 she began to raise funds, and make plans to open the Sunrise Children’s Home in Uhekule, Tanzania. Her home church, Christ of the Hills United Methodist Church, and others, help with supplies and support for the project. When asked if she feels she is making a difference, Kay reflects: “I hope I am. I’ve given six years of my life to this village. If I get sick, I’ll have to come home, but for right now, I still have energy, I still have challenges, and I still have lots of work to do.”