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    inu kunn inu-kun

    by inu kunn inu-kun

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    Hello everyone^^,I'm going to remove all my videos and make a site and upload all my videos on my site -_- Wanna know why? Becuz of dailymotion rejected most of the eps and clips i put on here!!!! >< That makes me mad. reply to this useing Comments if you want to help me make the site,or you can e-mail me at >.< that puts me in a bad mood ya know.i just uploaded the videos for you all to watch..^^But i guess that can't be help here on dailymotion...When i get a new site i will naver upload on here again..okay? reply fast!! Before thay rejecte all my videos!!!hurry ;.; I wanna help you all out thats all..that's if anyone cares to reply to it useing Comments...:Plz do so..