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    Beijing's Happy Magic Water Park Keeps People Cool


    by NTDTelevision

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    In the swealtry city of Beijing, the sun is beating down. But there's a new way to stay cool... a water theme park that's supposedly the largest in the world.

    Despite the summer heat and drought, Beijing is keeping it cool with its Happy Magic Water Park. Opened since June, the theme park has already been visited by over 350,000 people seeking to take a break from the scorching heat.

    The park boasts to be the world's largest of its kind, with over 50 waterslides, 18 other attractions and artificial beaches. To keep all of the park activities going, Happy Magic Water Park keeps a minimum of 8,000 tons of water at all times, with dozens of tons refilled daily.

    However, the park's water usage has attracted negative attention from local media. The marketing manager, though, reassures there is minimal water wasted.

    [Zhang Ke, Marketing Manager, Happy Magic Water Park]:
    "The equipment we imported can reuse and recycle water from all facilities when the park is filled with water. Theoretically no water will be wasted. We also have a system to constantly purify recycled water. This won't cause any water waste either."

    Environmental concerns aside, many tourists stated they've enjoyed their stay.

    [Miss Wang, Tourist]:
    "I think this place is really cool. We traveled to Beijing from Shandong Province just to come here. We heard of the place last October and we have been looking forward to coming here ever since. We finally made the trip this summer."

    Water theme parks are relatively new to China, where many people prefer to not to tan. The Happy Magic Water Park plans to launch an indoor park next year.