8-12-11 Mr Top Step Video


by mrtopstep

http://mrtopstep.com - Mr Top Steps Danny Riley talks about how the S&P futures has been down 12 of the last 15 days. Riley points out that the average volume in the ESU is 1.8 to 2.2mil and as of Friday July 29th jumped over 3 mil contracts' As the ranges expanded so did the volumes" Riley explains. Riley points the average volume in the ESU (the electronic emini) over the last 15 days is 3.7mil a day and that the 10 days average was 4.59mil a day and the 6 day average is 5.495mil a day. The ESU did 6.15mil on Friday the 5th and Monday and Tuesday of this week were 6.17 and 6.27mil per day. The chart show the range the desk is looking at today 1120 to 1185 but Riley says the upper band of resistance comes in at the 1220 level. Riley says its a lot slower here today, don't expect 5 or 6 mil contracts today...


**Filmed on the trading floor at the CME Group. Produced by MrTopStep with MarketHEIST