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    Cosmetic Dentist Villa Park CA., Dental Cleaning, Dr. Jeff Jones


    by dentistvillaparkca

    Implant dentist from Brookline, MA, Dr. Jeff Jones speaks about basic dental cleaning and deep scale dental cleaning. Dental hygiene can help us stay healthy and prevent future illnesses related to poor oral hygiene from happening. Poor dental hygiene doesn't only affect your mouth, it also affects you overall health. It has been proven that many babies are born premature due to poor dental hygiene. People develop liver problems, strokes, heart disease, and some other sicknesses that related to HIV. Dr. Jeff Jones mentions that is very important that we floss, brush, scrape our tongue regularly though the day. Basic dental cleaning is used when an individual requires a very minimum cleaning of the teeth, has little bacteria, or simple wants to get a dental cleaning by the dentist. Now in the other hand a deep scale cleaning is performed on individuals, who have severe plaque problems, cavities, bacteria in the mouth, bad breath, and gingivitis.