Android will be arriving at Wal-mart by September, and Straight Talk will have the honor of having the name on it.

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In September if you want to save visit a Wal-mart and check out the new baby from Straight Talk, "Android" cellphone. The good news is that for only $45 unlimited per month you can have it. Great news! It is a smartphone, a lot of persons like me will be asking lots of questions how to.


I am with Straight Talk and was quite concerned that they hardly offered many smartphones. I was pleasantly surprised that they now offer the Samsung Galaxy Precendent, can anyone tell me what their experience with this smartphone has been and what is the signal like?
By Whyme112010 3 years ago
If there is one more addition I would like to see Straight talk get to their growing portfolio, it's a music subscriber product. Like what Cricket wireless has done with it's Muve music, the same sorta thing for Straight talk. And it'll make Cricket's service obsolete.
By Herolly 3 years ago
@ Rompingfun, Dyesetter, and Zollybal; this phone is dedicated / destined to be hosted by Sprint. So if you're very keen, first thing to do is to check the Sprint coverage in the area where you're going to be residing most. If the zip code you enter on Straight talk's sire doesn't produce this phone, take it for granted that there's probably a very good reason for that.
By Jantjies 3 years ago
I really like this cell phone thanks Straight Talk! I always have a problem with cell phones not being user friendly but this looks like the menu options are easy to understand and the navigate, can anyone tell me what their experience has been with this phone and whether its easy to operate?
By Americo2011 3 years ago
I was seriously starting to worry about Straight talk's ability to still sustain competitiveness in the prepaid market sector. For a while it seemed like Boost was pulling far away with so many more handset options. Still Straight talk have the cheapest unlimited everything plan, with the most comprehensive coverage nationwide.
By Rompingfun 3 years ago
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