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    Bracelet Watch - IDEA Madokadoke LED Watch

    Geo Beats

    by Geo Beats

    IDEA Madokadoke LED Watch - as part of the Product Guide series by GeoBeats. Hi, my name is Amy with AC Gears and this is the Madokadoke bracelet watch. It is a really cute watch that just looks like a bangle while you are wearing it. It is very easy to put on. You can either clip it opened or if your hands are small enough, you can just slide it through. When you press the hidden button on the side, the numbers will show through the etching on the surface of the watch to give you a digital reading of the time. It is super stylish so you can wear it when you are going out at night or to the office or wherever you may go. It is really cute that the design was named after the designer’s wife. It goes for $149.99. It comes in purple, green, and black.