Diet Soda Vs. Iced Tea

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Diet Soda Vs. Iced Tea - as part of the expert series by GeoBeats. The pros of diet soda are that you are able to get a drink that has a sugar taste in it without the added calories. The cons are that there is some concern of the additive effect of having the artificial sweeteners in your body. We are not sure as to what that effect is but there has been some research out there showing that those who consume a lot of diet sodas with artificial sweeteners, it makes them want to eat more and that is the one thing you are trying not to do. So, that is a con or something to definitely have some caution over. Looking at the pros to ice tea, again, you are looking at something that is sweetened with something that is more natural like sugar. However, if you are diabetic or you are trying to lose weight and you drink a lot of sweetened ice tea, then you are also getting in a lot of calories, additional calories that you do not need to be having. So, I think the best rule of thumb is to basically, just see what your overall goals are and to use your diet, so it is definitely in moderation.