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    Parenting and Careers: Dealing with Pregnancy and Maternity Leave

    Geo Beats

    by Geo Beats

    Parenting and Careers: Dealing with Pregnancy and Maternity Leave - as part of the expert series by GeoBeats. When preparing for a maternity leave, the first thing you want to do is sit down with your husband or partner and get clear as to what kind of time you want to take? what would be ideal? what might be a little bit of a stretch? and really what what you guys can afford together as a family? And once you have an idea of what that looks like you can then approach your job about this, but I would definitely not approach your job before your first trimester. But at that point I think you can sort of gauge and see based on past employees what has worked for them in terms of timing, because some employers may be more receptive or less receptive to maternity leave. So go head and gauge that and I would say right around the end of your first trimester start to have that conversation with HR, with your boss, with your co-workers and just is important to come up with a plan so to look at what your duties are and your responsibilities and what, and how you can delegate to other folks and what that looks like, and to come up with a time line together.