How to Pit Olives

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How to Pit Olives - as part of the expert series by GeoBeats. If you have got olives and you need to pit them, there are two ways you can be doing that or for two reasons. The first reason is if you want to stuff the olives. Now stuffing an olive is an intensive chore and not everyone gets themselves involved in that. But the other reason is when a recipe calls for chopped olives and you want to use the best and they have their pits. The easiest way is: line up your olives, take a broad flat chef's knife, place it on top, and just press down. They will crack, you pick out the pit, and you have got your olive. Another device that you might want to think about buying for pitting olives, but it also works quite well with cherries, is a pitter. This is a little device where you put the olive, or for that matter the cherry, right in like that. You push it down, and out comes the pit. It is a delightful little device. I do not use it very often because I prefer my flat chef's knife method of pressing down, and that way you can actually pit more olives at once. This is useful if you have decided to use big olives that you are going to stuff.