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    Regular Vs. Baby Carrots

    Geo Beats

    by Geo Beats

    Regular Vs. Baby Carrots - as part of the expert series by GeoBeats. When you are in the supermarket buying carrots, or the farmers' market, you are looking at two kinds of carrots, basically. One are the big, fat, thick carrots that you can buy individually or in a bag, perhaps, and those carrots are usually used for stews, in large chunks, perhaps you will shred them for coleslaw. But then you have another thing called baby carrots. Well, what exactly is a baby carrot? A baby carrot is a young carrot. What you will see is a bag full of carrots that look like this. Well, I have got some bad news for you: these are not baby carrots. These are mature carrots that are machine-processed and cut to look like young baby carrots. All they are are big carrots cut small. So what exactly is a baby carrot, or a young carrot? Well, these are baby carrots and you can see how small they are. And the reason you would want to buy a baby carrot, or a young carrot, is because they are sweet and tender, and they are wonderful in a variety of dishes. In fact, one of the best uses for this kind of carrot is simply in a carrot salad. Boil the carrots very briefly and then toss with some olive oil and vinegar, and perhaps some of your favorite spices, which could be paprika or maybe even cinnamon. The bigger, fatter carrots, save that for your stews. And that is really the difference between a regular carrot and a baby carrot. Just remember one thing: these are not baby carrots. They are just little carrots. But as far as the pre-packaged carrots, one of the reasons that we all buy them, including myself, is because they are convenient. There is no argument with that. And for a lot of dishes, you are just not going to notice a difference. Especially for dishes where the carrot gets cooked for a long time anyway, such as a braise or a stew and some soups.