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    BoomBox Bag - Fydelity G-Force Stereo Bag

    Geo Beats

    by Geo Beats

    Fydelity G-Force Stereo BoomBox Bag - as part of the Product Guide series by GeoBeats. Hi, I am Amy with AC Gears and this is the Fydelity G-Force BoomBox backpack. It is a great way to carry around your music and share it with friends at a park or at a party. There are two speakers in the front that are both waterproof and very durable to wear and tear. On the inside, basically, there is a little pack, which is where you can put four AA batteries right on the inside and it is very simple to use. You simply turn it on until you see the blue light showing. You take the standard headphone jack that will fit into any MP3 player or phone. Plug it in. Press play. It is very easy to carry around. Super lightweight and it has its own space where you put the MP3 player in the pack so it does not get in the way of whatever else you might put in the backpack, which is capable of holding up to a 17 inch laptop. It comes in silver, gold and black. Goes for $59.99 and it is a very stylish way to listen to your music.