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Lighter Dessert Options

6 years ago20 views


Geo Beats

Lighter Dessert Options - as part of the expert series by GeoBeats. Dessert options that will be lighter in calories would be: a really great example that I like to recommend is going to be your dark chocolate jello pudding cups. And the reason why is, many people crave chocolate, they love chocolate. So, that is really, I think, a great low calorie option. Another option would be the 100 percent fruit pops that are available in the freezer section, that do not have the sugar added. You are getting something sweet and, at the same time, you are getting a fruit, a fruit serving, as well. Another example would be to take non-fat Greek yogurt. I like the Greek yogurt because it is very rich in protein. Mixing it with some fruit and then, also topping it off with some really healthy nuts, such as almonds. And then, if you need an extra sweetness, you could add more of your natural sweeteners like Stevia, Truvia, Purivia. And then, I also like to recommend, some of my clients like a crunchy snack, a desert snack. So, find a really high fiber cereal that you really like to have some sweetness to it. Mix it with some nuts and also, some raisins. So, those are just some really, very easy and satisfying snacks that you can use.