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    by BrookstoneLaw

    This is an important announcement for anyone in America who currently is in danger of losing their home due to foreclosure or other related actions of their lender. There is help available for you now. Brookstone Law has a team of experienced business litigation attorneys that can help people victimized by violations of a wide range of consumer protection laws. Brookstone Law prosecutes cases where banks, loan servicers, or others have taken advantage of honest homeowners.

    Brookstone Law also offers a unique service not offered by any other law firm. Brookstone Law's Emergency Extension Department (EED) gives homeowners facing foreclosure a real chance to stay in their homes while they are in the process of litigation, bankruptcy, or Short Sale. Don't be forced out of your house by the banks. Brookstone Law will do everything possible to help you save your home. Call Brookstone Law's Homeowners Legal Helpline Today! 1-800-304-1538