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    Chinese Regime Suspected of Cyber Attacks on Taiwan


    by NTDTelevision

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    Taiwan's opposition Democratic Progressive Party has been the victim of a series of cyber attacks. Now, some in the DDP are switching from email to old fashioned pen and paper for communicating important information. The attacks, which many believe to be the work of the Chinese regime, began in March of this year.

    Taiwan's opposition party is calling for the government to pay more attention to cyber security. It comes after revelations that the email accounts of its senior staff have been hacked by China's Communist regime.

    The pro-independence Democratic Progress Party, or DPP, revealed the cyber-attack on Tuesday. It says IP addresses linked to China have been accessing email accounts of staff at the Party's headquarters. Accounts of officers working on the presidential campaign for Party leader Tsai Ing-wen also have been compromised.

    [Hsu Chia-ching, DPP Presidential Campaign Spokesperson]:
    "We kept receiving strange emails, which caused problems for our data storage and management. After some investigation, we found that China was the source of most of the emails. Others were routed to third party countries like Australia."

    The DPP says the attacks started in March. Hackers accessed information including Tsai's presidential campaign schedules and promotional materials.

    With the presidential election approaching, the DPP has now taken steps to strengthen its cyber security. It wants Taiwan's Kuomintang Party-led government to do the same.

    [Hsu Chia-ching]:
    "We hope no one tries to interfere in Taiwan's fair election. Aside from reminding everyone to be mindful of cyber information security, we also want the government to face up to this problem."

    The DPP says its own investigation into the attacks showed it was an organized effort with "state-level" support.