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    "Light" Jail Sentence for Taiwanese CCP Spy


    by NTDTelevision

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    Speaking of espionage, a Taiwanese software engineer has been sentenced to jail for a year and a half--after he was caught spying for the Chinese regime. Some Taiwan lawmakers are saying that the prison sentence is too light.

    Taiwan's High Court on Tuesday sentenced a Taiwanese software engineer to 18 months in jail for spying for the Chinese regime.

    Thirty-five-year-old Lai Kun-chieh was found guilty for allegedly trying to obtain sensitive information from a military officer and for engaging in bribery.

    [Chen Chin-Jiao, Taiwan High Court Sentencing Spokesman]:
    "Lai Kun-chieh's actions violated Section 111 of Taiwan's Criminal Law, as he attempted to gather national defense secrets. He also violated the Classified National Security Information Protection Act and the National Security Act."

    A Motorola Company employee, Lai was transferred to Beijing where he later left to work for the Lenovo Company.

    According to Taiwan's Ministry of National Defense, Chinese agents recruited Lai in February 2010 to obtain information on Taiwan's Patriot missiles from his military friends.

    Lai contacted a high-school mate who was an army major in Missile Command. He offered him 16,000 US dollars in return for classified information. But his friend reported him, which led to his arrest.

    One legislator says the 18-month sentence is too light.

    [Huang Wei-cher, DPP Legislator]:
    "From the perspective of the antagonistic relationship between Taiwan and China, or China's threat to Taiwan, we feel 18 months is light. He may soon leave Taiwan, and we may not be able to make breakthroughs in many other important cases."

    Huang is concerned about other consequences.