How to Keep Kitchen Clean During Cooking

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How to Keep Kitchen Clean During Cooking - as part of the expert series by GeoBeats. One of the first things you learn in a culinary school or in a restaurant, is clean up as you go. There is nothing worse than being in a kitchen where everything is messy and everything is scattered everywhere and you start to lose control of what you are doing. There is a very simple and easy way to hold on to the organization, and to move through your cooking chores efficiently, smartly, and without a big hassle. Number one: clean up as you go. What does that mean, exactly? Well, as you finish using a particular item, stop everything, go to the sink, wash it, put it aside. So let's have an example. You have got a knife. You are only going to chop carrots and onions. You have chopped the carrots and onions. Wash the knife, put it aside. But you have to be organized in order to do this so you are not rushing. Read your recipe, understand what you will be doing when, then go about the business. So now you have got your chopped onions and carrots, and you have put them in a bowl. Now you are going to pull out a pan, melt some butter, let's say, and saute the onions and carrots. Perhaps you are going to make a soup. It is really up to you. This is just an example. So the carrots and onions go into the pan, and they are sizzling. While they are sizzling, wash that bowl and put it aside. Now you move over to your pan and your wooden spoon as you are stirring and frying. They are cooked, so now you move them out and put them aside. What do you do? Slow everything down, wash that pan, put it aside. Wash that spoon, put it aside. And then move on with the recipe and just keep doing that, repeating your cooking-washing-prepping scenario constantly, and you will end the day with a clean kitchen and not a feeling of despair. If you are working in a small kitchen, let's say a small apartment, it is imperative that you clean as you go, because you just do not have the room to put this stuff. If you are in a large kitchen, there is a temptation not to clean as you go, because you can put things aside. Try to avoid it, because the last thing you want to do is have the headache of looking at a pile of stuff to be cleaned at the end of the evening. Clean as you go. You will be happy.