Asparagus - Cut or Snap?

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Asparagus - Cut or Snap? - as part of the expert series by GeoBeats. When it comes to asparagus there is sort of a debate, not a real debate as far as I am concerned, about whether you should cut or snap an asparagus. If you are snapping an asparagus like that, you have got a wonderful asparagus tip, which many recipes call for, and it is perfect for a pasta dish. But what about all this beautiful asparagus you just threw away, what are you going to do with this? That is why I prefer to cut and to peel. Now what I mean by that is, this is all edible. So I just peel it like this. And now, you have got a whole asparagus, and what makes these really nice is, boil or steam them until they are tender and then lay them all in the same direction on an oval plate with a drizzle of olive oil, and you have got a wonderful antipasto or appetizer. But another way of handling this is by cutting, which I also like to do. But this way you can kind of line them up and have them all the same size, which you cannot quite do when you are snapping because you are not going to be able to snap all of them at the same time in a proper way. These could be either peeled and used for other dishes, such as putting them into soups and so forth; and here are your asparagus spears.