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    Luxury Shoulder Bags for Women - Women's Style

    Geo Beats

    by Geo Beats

    Shoulder Bags - as part of the Women's Style series by GeoBeats. This is a shoulder bag, however it is a little bit smaller, and it is beautiful. It has got the, again, all the handkick pressed artwork in solid brass for detailing. This is brand new, to put the brown and white pony fur, it is not pony fur, it is actually cow fur put into the design. And, it has got a zipper pocket here. And it lays flat to your body, and it is very chic, and it is in between being a larger handbag and a small bag. This is a great bag. This is all solid nickel, it looks like a chain mail, but it is actually, if you look up close, it is all hand-kick pressed in, it takes about four and a half hours, to hand-kick press in, one by one, each solid nickel stud gets hand-done. And the leather is fun, it is a black and white, kind of aged feel, distressed feel. This is something that looks amazing going out at night, or you can just, you know, wear it, and the more you wear it, the better it looks. It is a great bag. It has magnet closure, so it is really easy to get in and out of. This is true artistry, and it is my signature. It is the kind of work that we do. This, again, this is about six hours to hand-kick press in. It is solid nickel, solid brass, and you can see the design. It has got a beautiful kind of criss-cross design in it. Stunning little bag. And again, beautiful, nice, really nice leathers. The more you wear it, the more you love it. This is a new one. It is called The Palanque, and this was inspired by a Moroccan bag. And you can see the artwork is all hand-kick pressed in. This is a wood toggle. It has got a little fringe feeling, but it is not like too much fringe. This is a stunning bag, and it is all suede lined on the inside. It is kind of got an envelope pocket. And it has got hand stitch work in different colors. This has been really popular, and people are really loving this new design. This is a messenger bag. This is called the Lars, it has been in my collection for several years, I just continue to update the silhouette by changing the artwork. Great bag. All suede lined, and it kind of fits everything. And it is still kind of flat to your body, so it is not too overwhelming, and again you can wear this really casual. This is like a perfect everyday bag. You do not really need to change it. You can wear it from the day, and you can take it out in the evening. This is a new design. A new design for me. Adding some of our new leathers, which is this very subtle, kind of snake-y print feel. Leather here, it has got a pocket, and again our signature detail that is around the bag. Two shoulder straps here, and a little magnet closure and opening, suede lined. Just a simple design, a little more, kind of conservative. Elegant, but still got its twist of Kelly Cordero style. This is a very cute little pouch. Again, it is one of my classics for many years. This is new detailed with some shearling, for fall. We love this bag. Super-great. It fits a passport, great travel bag. It also comes in a belt pouch.